1/3/14 – Day 4: GA shake down hike

10.5 miles, 29633 steps, Section 2 of the Chattooga River Trail/Bartram Trail, camping near Dick’s Creek Gap Falls

I love exploring new trails! Joan suggested a favorite hike of hers for our next segment of gear shake down / bear canister heavy food carry trip. My word, the Chattooga River, bordering SC and GA, is just a lovely area and we didn’t see anyone else on the trail. At a lower elevation than the AT, a warmer choice, though warmer is relative at this time of year, it didn’t break freezing today. It’s also easy, nice rolling hills and a few very manageable climbs and descents. The miles slipped by, and we had enough time after setting up camp to go see the waterfall and explore some before dinner, so fun, though odd to walk without my pack! On these long cold winter nights, it’s a success to stay out of your shelter until 7pm, mission accomplished. Today was exactly what I needed – great trail, lovely sunny with a bright blue sky, while still being more challenging than what I can find at home, with Joan, who so understands all the obsessions of planning for the PCT – gear minutiae indeed!!

Gear comments:
1. I don’t know how I hiked for so long without a hood on my fleece – amazingly wonderful!
2. Tent pitch was much better tonight – maybe I’m getting over the learning curve?
3. I love my water bladder – so easy to stay hydrated!



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