Day 2: Pine Mountain Trail thru hike,4/5/14

I had forgotten how wonderful it is to be woken to bird song. At 6:50 this morning, amid my morning stretches, to my delight I heard “cheep, cheep, CHEEP!” I’m up already :).

Today was a lovely 10 miles (the magical length that I had so longed for last year on the AT) past multiple waterfalls, tiny ones but falls just the same, a nice climb before lunch, and the afternoon punctuated by a lovely overlook. We are camped at Bethel Creek campsite tonight, just over 2 miles to go to complete this great 23 mile trail. This campsite was just relocated in January, and the tent sites aren’t optimal as we are all on at least somewhat of a slant tonight, well, those of us in tents I should say. However, it’s in a great location and apparently much better than the previous one that was denuded of trees in a tornado. It’s supposed to rain starting early tomorrow morning, so fingers crossed the new tent passes the rain test. It was fine in the sprinkles we got yesterday evening. I’m sorry to see this weekend end – we’ve had a great group! At least there will hopefully be second breakfast at the Country Store restaurant on our way back. Ahh, the days of happily eating a hot dog (or 2) at 9am are fast approaching again! When I can eat myself to lightness once again, too 🙂



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