Day 3: Pine Mountain Trail thru hike, 4/6/14

I’m a thru hiker again, yea!! Fingers crossed I’ll be able to say in September that I’ve thru hiked 2 trails in 2014 ;). Though maybe I better stop upping the ante, what will 2015 look like?? Besides finally going back to work again, of course.

We had ~2 miles of the Pine Mountain Trail to finish up this morning amidst a steady spring rain that made me once again very happy I converted to the umbrella cult. The colors were just popping everywhere, and while chilly (compared to the last 2 days) it was a great way to end the weekend. I’m happy to report that the new tent came through the rain with flying colors, and I immediately learned how NOT to pack it up when wet. So happy I learned this where it was easy to clean up and dry out at Susan’s house, and not on the PCT. FYI, wet cuben fiber seems to be a magnet for leaves and dirt, but it dries fast :).

Some last gear minutiae like adding shock cord to water bladders, reinforcing old sewing on my hiking skirt, obsessing over food for the first section, and doing badly needed laundry has me pretty much set for the PCT. Which is this week. In fact, I’ll be in San Diego in less than 48 hours. Wow. I hope I sleep between now and then!

The lovely ladies from the Trail Dames Pine Mtn thru hike, and 1 side clean/1 side not so much….




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