PCT Day 0: Travel to San Diego! 4/8/14

Dinner began with us going around and saying what we were thankful for today, and there were so many wonderful things ~ that we all got there safely and with packs in hand, seen off by family and with friends, and sharing such lovely hospitality back in the arms of the trail community. It feels like I never left.

I’m staying at 2 wonderful trail angels’ house, Scout and Frodo, who thru hiked the PCT in 2007 and (I learned tonight) started being trail angels even before hiking the trail themselves! They have an extremely efficient and organized operation in their beautiful home, and have made us feel so very welcome. What an incredible way to start my PCT journey. 🙂

All in all, Joan, Susan, and I had a leisurely morning in Atlanta, punctuated by last minute scrambles to find missing sunglasses and make a giddy final run to the post office. Despite an adventure trying to find the return area for the rental car, we made it to the airport with a ridiculous amount of time to spare, even with my flying anxiety. We managed to sit together in the very last row of our Southwest flight, and enjoyed my back issues of Outdoor magazine and obsessing over the water reports and maps for the new trail closure in Section B, amidst much laughter and joking.

There is a great group of other hikers here tonight, including Acorn, who I met on the AT last year, & Estero, Hog, Squirrel & Early Bird, and Drea and Troll visited for dinner with Girlscout, who is hosting them tonight. We also met 2 hikers on the plane who were traveling down to Campo tonight. It felt so good to say once again: “See you down the trail!” I remember feeling so sad in Maine when we all began to realize that this pat response when saying goodbye to another hiker no longer actually applied, after months of learning that even though the odds were against it, chances were actually good that you would see them again.

So amazingly right to have only my pack with me, though Big Green 2.0 is surely wondering what we’re doing with so much water – it’s supposed to be a hot one tomorrow. Bring on the desert, all 700+ miles of it 😉

Not siblings: Me with Troll, who did a double take when he saw me, apparently I’m his sister’s long lost twin!



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