Day 4: 4/12/14, PCT mile 63.7

Miles walked today: 16.2 (actually 17.2 when you add in the 0.5 from campground and 0.5 to/from water), passed mile 50!

Wind, wind, and more wind. Today was defined by it, relentless as it was through spectacular ridgewalk views, to being pushed into the brush, to the sound of it now against my tent. Brr, I don’t want to get out of my warm quilt for a final bathroom run before sleep.

I have a feeling that Susan and I won’t be choosing many more campgrounds in the near future, whether or not it’s legal to camp in an area. Last night was just one ruckus after another – trucks driving around and around (loudly), people talking to all hours (loudly), a car alarm going off at 12:30am….I didn’t try to be overly quiet when I packed up, but I’d be surprised if we woke anyone up at 6am in retaliation. It’s April, I just wasn’t expecting a mid summer atmosphere, even on a Friday evening. Oh, well, at least we have some great stories!

The heat from a few days ago is already a memory, this morning I didn’t take off my rain jacket (used as a windbreaker) until after hiking for several hours, unheard of for me out of shoulder season. The temps the rest of the day were simply perfect, 60s, sunny, with bright blue skies. The wind was cooling, and despite trying to blow us over, we prevailed! We cut short our siesta and still easily made more miles than originally planned by around 5pm. Mind you, Susan and I took 2 breaks this morning literally 10 mins apart when we found a picnic area (that we really should have realized was so close) and we couldn’t pass up a picnic table, that’s sacrilegious to thru hikers! Joan came up soon and we had fun trading stories from when we had parted yesterday. FYI, Joan has definitely decided to keep her original trail name of Hemlock, the other mentioned previously will be a private joke. It’s neat that she realized how important the original one was to her :).

A shout out to Steve and Jeff, a pair of trail runners training for the San Diego 100 mile grand race (and you think I’m crazy?!), who gave us over a gallon of water as they were on their way home. Awesome trail magic as our only other option was a trough. Yep, you read correctly, we’re entering some tough water areas. Thanks again guys and good luck!

Gear failures continue: only 4 days in (this is getting old) and today’s failure was my old 1L platy I used for Gatorade, it developed a small tear in the side seam, totally expected with the amount of miles already on it. RIP. Why did I bring so much used stuff with me?! Well, because I like to use things to death. Sigh, that platy went up Katahdin with me….ok, nostalgia aside, Susan promptly gave me literally the same one, brand new, as it was a spare for extra water capacity. Yeah for awesome hiking partners!





One thought on “Day 4: 4/12/14, PCT mile 63.7

  1. Love reading your posts Pathfinder! I also found a PCT journal from last year by Carrot. Wow what a great insight into what you guys are about to encounter! Rooting for you all the way ! You are an inspiration! Hugs from Dennice and I!


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