Day 6: 4/14/14, PCT Mile 82.4

View from our cowboy campsite:20140414-200006.jpg

Miles hiked today: 5.1 (Nero)
Camped at: San Felipe cowboy camping site

FYI, in Julian I uploaded pictures from the first 5 days, if you want to gawk at more than I include here at the blog:

Today was a rather lazy almost-Zero Nero day. Also a new experience for me – leaving town late in the day and hiking some miles in the evening. I managed to never really do this on the AT, even the few times I hiked in and out of town on the same day. For the SoCal desert – a perfect plan to siesta in town! We resupplied in the morning, then after checking out of the motel managed to waste 4 hours eating and hanging out around Julian. It is Farwalker’s birthday today, so we made sure to have as nice of a trail birthday as we could for her! Martie, a local trail angel pictured below, gave us a ride back to the trail and was incredibly nice to us :).

The climb out of Scissors Crossing was hot at first, but I was happy that the wind had died down so I could use my gimpy umbrella. I had performed minor surgery yesterday, and have my fingers crossed it doesn’t get worse before I get to my box and the shiny new one in Idyllwild at the end of the week. The climb was spectacular – views from every angle as we gradually switchbacked up. I was so happy to get into my “endless pace” that I can keep going for what seems like forever. But, I didn’t want to completely lose the rest we gained by the Nero today, so got to a point where we’ll have less than 20 miles to go tomorrow, keeping with our “under 20 for the first week” plan. The plan is to stick with the plan! We are cowboy camping with a simply amazing view, and watched the full moon rise. I’m super excited to hopefully see the eclipse tonight – we have a spectacular sky view!

Another amazing thing – my feet were clean for the first time! Granted, only 5 miles can’t do that much, but still. My tootsies seemed to like the new lotion, as just using Trailtoes wasn’t quite moisturizing enough, though has been great for helping to prevent blisters.

With Trail Angel Martie:


Cowboy camping fun!




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