Day 12: 4/20/14, PCT Mile 191.3

Miles hiked today: 5 to get back to the PCT via the road/Deer Springs Trail, then 7.9 on the PCT, total of 12.9 mi
Camped at: CS0191B campsite with Hemlock and TDP (aka Susan)

Happy Easter! The trail was marvelous today but I was rather a mess. The elevation gain got to me (asthmatic breathing), the uphills greatly aggravated my cramps (feminine, not dehydration), I fell for the first time (loose gravel underfoot – only a minor scrape, thank heavens for my leg gaiters), and I was homesick for family and Easter dinner (especially the homemade potato salad, yum), my “Easter basket” from Mum and the hardboiled eggs I packed out notwithstanding. The 6L water carry I took on midday for the next 20 miles didn’t help any of the above. Oy.

Now for what went right today – the scenery in San Jacinto and on Fuller Ridge was out of this world. Towering ponderosa pines, a cool breeze and mostly sunny skies, burbling mountain springs, spectacular views, flirting with 9000 feet, and minor (very very minor) snow traverses, think 5 feet at a time ;). We had a beautiful sunset here at camp, and good conversation with Barrel and Lightening Rod at our last break, where no one was in a hurry to move on.

Overall it felt like a very leisurely day, and it was – despite my moving like a snail. It was just one of those days, I’m glad tomorrow is a new day.

I don’t think I ever explained about Susan’s new trail name – after much discussion and unproductive ideas, it is now “Tour de Plante” or TDP, given by Jaime/Glimmer who was at Scout and Frodo’s with us the night before starting the trail. She originally meant it as a group name due to both Susan and Joan’s botanical excitement, but it truly describes Susan to a “T” – she’s always going here and there along the trail searching and taking photos of interesting plants and animals! Farwalker called us collectively the PCT Amazons, which I like :).







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