Day 14: 4/22/14, PCT Mile 232.1


Miles hiked today: 19.9 (18.7 on the PCT, rest to/from Whitewater Preserve)
Camped at: Mission Creek campsite with TDP & Ken, cowboy camping again!

I’m whipped. After not getting enough sleep last night (into camp after 9, not asleep until after 11 and up again at 4), the last few miles today were dragging, big time. When I got to a campsite 1 mile before this one, I nearly stayed – Wardrobe was very welcoming, but she told me TDP and Ken (another thru we met yesterday, whose daughter Hotshot hiked the AT last year and finished on 10/6) had left 5 mins prior for our goal camp for the day. However, I still made it at a 2 mph pace. Tomorrow looks to be a long day due to water and elevation gain. It doesn’t help that I haven’t had an appetite for days now, with some low grade nausea, and have been forcing myself to eat. Considering I’m out in the middle of no where, I’m getting concerned.

I keep nodding off, so here are the things that stand out to me about today: Windmills in pre-dawn! Beauty of San Georgio hills as the sun rose, the Whitewater Preserve – awesomely beautiful place I almost Nero-Ed at, and awesome trail magic – food shuttle to Big Bear by section hiker Tim and Stacey!! Great ridgewalk despite the sun, followed by a delayed siesta under a sycamore by the first crossing of mission creek. Sad that we never saw Hemlock today – she’s ahead now as she didn’t go to the Preserve, but hopefully we’ll run into her tomorrow.



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