Day 17: 4/25/14, Zero Day in Big Bear

I’m getting antsy, another beautiful day spent in town instead of on the trail. I’m also feeling better – much of the fatigue and weakness has gone, and while some nausea is still there, the meds are clearly kicking in. Eating doesn’t make anything worse, as it was a few days ago. Whew.

If any future PCT-ers find yourself in a similar situation (needing to quarantine yourself, so not going to the hostel), I recommend Snow Lake Lodge in Big Bear Lake as a nice place to stay. They had a decent hiker rate mid-week, esp if you stay more than 1 night. It is not a typical hiker motel – they have suites! My room was literally the same square footage as my first apartment – full kitchen and living room in addition to a large bedroom. Moving to the Motel 6 today made me laugh at myself – yep, this is definitely a hiker motel. In some ways, I’m more comfortable here! Snow Lake is pretty well located in BBL – you can easily walk to the urgent care, hospital, Walgreens, and several restaurants. The grocery stores and dollar store shopping area are within walking distance, but you may just want to jump on the hourly bus with bags on the way back as things are spread out. Snow Lake also has guest laundry after 4:30 pm, so you don’t have to haul all your stuff to the laundromat.

It’s just after 12:30 and I may actually be….hungry for the first time in days! Good heavens, this is a nice change :). Just need to wait for my clothes to dry then I can scope out a restaurant. Yea, it was so dis-settling to not be hungry in a trail town. It looks like Hemlock will be coming back to town when she reaches Hwy 18 today, a late winter storm is forecast for tonight. It’ll be really nice to have her company, I’ve been getting lonely by myself, though there are more hikers here at the Motel 6.

It’s now nearly hiker midnight and we’re all waiting with baited breath to see what the weather is doing to do overnight. I may try to slack (day hike) some miles around Big Bear, as there are 2 other access points, which granted require some additional mileage but coming back to the motel and a warm shower is appealing vs throwing my recovering body right back out there. We’ll see – if it isn’t too cold I may simply hike out.

So nice to have dinner to have dinner with Susan (not TDP – met her today) and All The Way, despite our harrowing road walk along Hwy 18 to Thelma’s. We took the back roads back to the motel!




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