Day 18: 4/26/14, Zero Day in Big Bear


Today was a winter wonderland when we awoke, complete with a severe wind advisory for the mountain ridges, making it an easier decision to stay in town to continue my recovery. My stomach and energy level is still feeling marginal. I don’t expect to be 100% for a while yet, I’m not even halfway through my course of antibiotics, but I’m still somewhat disappointed to not feel significantly better, perky and ready to hike 20 mile days again. Today was a great zero day, though, and I am feeling better enough to actually enjoy my relaxation time, rather than just feel like I’m sick and trying to get better! I also enjoyed lots of reading time – ahhhhhh.

Fun times with 2 ladies I had dinner with last night along with Hemlock: Blue Yonder (Susan – not TDP) and All the way (George). Getting to know them at a very noisy brunch after dodging melting snow and slush on the walk there, and then again on the bus going to BBL and the Von’s grocery store, was such a treat. We ended the day with a “figuring out FB privacy settings” mini party in Hemlock and my room. It’s so good to have fellow hikers here, I’m bummed enough to not be hiking on these beautiful days that’s it’s good for me to be around others and not revert into “burrow Renee”.

Waiting for the bus:



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