Day 22: 4/30/14, PCT Mile 342

Silverwood Lake from a beautiful morning ridge walk!

Miles Hiked: 22.5 (really more like 23.5 if you count the walk to McDs and the motel)
Camped at: n/a, at Cajon Pass Best Western

After a really hot afternoon I felt zapped when I was about 2 miles from Cajon Pass. What will it take for me to learn that I need to take a long siesta on days like today? *sigh* I’m somewhat frustrated with myself right now. What, you may ask, was the impetus for pushing myself? Of all things, to get to the McDonalds at the pass as early as possible! Good heavens. I’m feeling much better after having a shower and being in the air conditioning. Anticipating a hot climb tomorrow (keeping a wary eye online on the Etiwanda Fire which, while not nearby, is concerning simply because it’s in my area of the world and there is only so fast I can walk) I’m hoping to leave soon after 6am. A siesta is definitely on the agenda during that climb!

Today began with a lovely sunrise, which I admired on my way to Silverwood Lake. I got hiking at 5:30am, and also enjoyed the trail magic cooler I encountered soon after the short road walk. I’m conflicted about coolers – so often they degenerate into trash along the AT, but this one is obviously stocked often by Team Turtle, as the trail register attests! I rapidly consumed a nectarine and felt mildly guilty about also taking an orange. I also got an orange randomly from a forest service worker in a truck as I was leaving Silverwood Lake – she pulled over as I was going through the underpass, and tossed it out at me! My day for fresh fruit trail magic, yummy. I did share with Hemlock :).


The hike this afternoon down to Cajon Pass was definitely a moment that took my breath away! This picture doesn’t capture the perspective well, but it was amazing how I felt poised on the top of the world! The breeze was incredibly strong, the sun overhead hot, the sky bright blue. I was reminded instantly of my descent down Katahdin last year – but different ;). No boulder scramble, lowering myself down short cliffs, etc. Just wrestling with the umbrella! Blackhawk and Double Dare, thought of you both on the ridge and how much fun we had that last day on the AT. Miss you both!


All in all, I have to say today was a far better Wednesday than 1 week ago – which is now known infamously as the “rescue day”. Even after reading about the San Andreas fault zone, which we’re about to walk through. Hello new irrational fear – I can just picture myself falling dramatically into a bottomless split in the earth. Fingers crossed the Big One doesn’t come in 2014.

I also realized I could have been using Big Green 2.0’s “stow and go” feature while switching between trekking pole and umbrella – how long have I had this pack?! Until today I’ve been wrestling with the side pocket constantly. Well, better late than never!



2 thoughts on “Day 22: 4/30/14, PCT Mile 342

  1. I admire your grit to do this! My son hiked the pct about 16 years ago. He is married now with three little girls…I have no experience here but will cheer you on…as you take it one step at a time.. (:


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