Beautiful sunrise at 8000 ft:

Miles Hiked: 8
Camped at: n/a, at the Pines Motel in Wrightwood

Nero day! Ahh, what a beautiful thing to hike 8 miles in the early morning and get into town for 3rd breakfast. Yes, 3rd. I had first breakfast at 5:30, second at 8:30 when I just couldn’t wait any longer to eat something, and then third in town at the Evergreen Cafe. The Evergreen gives huge portions, and is still decorated, extensively, for Easter. A tad strange but I enjoyed the food, as is usual on town days.

A beautiful sunrise greeted me when I got out of my tent this morning – it was just peaking over the side of the mountain and I thoroughly enjoyed the early morning light on Mt Baldy and the surrounding mountains. Up this high at over 8000 feet, the night was actually warmer than I thought it would be, and I was perfectly comfortable on the rolling hills to the Hwy 2 Inspiration Point road crossing. Of note was the short but steep climb up to Guffy Campground, about 2.5 miles into the hike – notable only because it was actually steep! Was I on the AT?? I wondered, but soon the nicely graded PCT path and spectacular views resumed. I went past a ski area and some huge water collection troughs (to collect snow melt apparently), and leapfrogged with Whitewater and REI (pronounced rye) to the road crossing, where there was very little traffic at 9:30am on a Friday morning. We had only been waiting about 15 minutes when a truck going the other way pulled into the lot and asked us if we needed anything. The local couple was nice enough to turn around to take us the 5.5 miles into Wrightwood! I sat in the cab with them while the guys bunched into the truck bed with the 3 packs and their 2 bikes.

Town chores were quickly worked on – PO for food box (thanks Mom!), the aforementioned breakfast, then checking into the Pines Motel to shower and have our laundry done for us. I decided to stay 2 nights and zero tomorrow to hopefully rest up and get back to 100% before the next sections, which are said to be somewhat grueling and hot. Hemlock and I scoped out the farmer’s market, which had great food stands, including the “tamale guy” which provided a wonderful dinner, and fresh fruit. Yum.

Many hikers are in town on nero/zero days, and while great to see everyone including Blue Yonder, I’m just not feeling social tonight. Hemlock goes back to the trail tomorrow, so hopefully I won’t be a hermit the entire weekend!
Our trail angels who gave us a ride to town:

At the farmer’s market!



Day 24: 5/2/14, PCT Mile 369.5

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