Day 25: 5/3/14, Zero Day in Wrightwood

My morning began on a somewhat sad note, as I hugged Hemlock goodbye as she is getting back on the trail today and I’m staying in town for a zero day. A beautiful morning, as most are here in SoCal, and I waited somewhat impatiently for the Evergreen Cafe to open so I could go to breakfast there. A nice surprise greeted me – Blue Yonder! I had thought she was leaving first thing, but she had some town chores still to do. It was great to share a meal with her and chat about the upcoming section.

Back at the Pines Motel, I was finally feeling social and have spent much of the day sitting in the picnic area chatting and meeting new folks. Resupply and calling home, library time for putting captions on photos and attending to internet items easier on a full screen than my phone, and enjoying the mountain air rounded out my day. The copious amount of food ordered at dinner at Mile High Pizza with Hog, Rei, Rocket Llama, Acorn, and Estero was impressive. All had leftovers to take home except Rei, who steadily worked his way through lasagna, a huge salad, and garlic bread. Impressive indeed!

Wrightwood has been one of my favorite PCT trail towns so far – small but with all the services that hikers need and incredibly hiker friendly. The Pines Motel is campy, and the owners incredibly nice. After 2 trips to the PO yesterday I forgot to buy a few stamps for some cards to send homeward, d’oh, but the motel owner had me covered and wouldn’t even let me pay him for them. Today in town had the feeling of a festival, with the tourists, hikers, and locals all mingling happily. I’m so glad I decided to stay in town today – while maybe still a little less than 100%, I am feeling renewed and much more energetic! Onwards!!

My beautiful dinner!



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