Day 30: 5/8/2014, PCT Mile 454.5

Miles Hiked: 10 on the PCT, plus 1 to get to Hiker Heaven
Camped at: The Saufley’s, aka Hiker Heaven, on a cot under a large net tent with Princess and Mr Sandals – many other thrus around – the count was 32 for the night!

I made myself get out of denial today – one of my teeth has been painful since the poor night’s sleep over 48 hrs ago and it’s not going away – in fact it’s getting worse. At first I thought some food was caught and so became more conscientious about flossing, which is good, but it didn’t help this situation. I’ve had to take some ibuprofen or Tylenol in order to ignore the pain enough to sleep the past few nights, which should have told me something. Then the ride board at the Saufley’s caught my eye – “don’t despair if you need a ride to the doctor or someplace else, write it down and we’ll find you a ride”. Huh, maybe that means I could actually go to a dentist out here in the middle of no where. I really don’t want to enter the Mojave desert without being able to chew on one side of my mouth! So I called a dentist that had a card on the board that Early Gal (volunteer here who section hiked the trail finishing last year and is wonderful!) pointed out, and luckily got an emergency appointment for tomorrow. I didn’t want to take a zero day as otherwise I’m finally feeling strong again and want to be on the trail, but I’m grateful I’m someplace I can get this looked at. Plus, I can spend some extra time and send myself a small box to Kennedy Meadows with food not already coming from home, as we’ve heard the store there is quite limited.

The hike this morning was quick and lovely in the early morning light. The first 5.5 miles went by quickly and I took a short break for second breakfast. After another creepy tunnel underpass for a highway, I entered the Vasquez Rocks park, and suddenly had interpretative signs all over the place, mostly labeling different plants, which was nice. Such a different and beautiful area!

My first stop in Agua Dulce was the Sweetwater Cafe for a great third breakfast/brunch/lunch with Teddy Rose, Cache, and Pensive. The Cafe was extremely hiker friendly and had a sign out front for all of us to sign.


After organizing and cleaning gear, having a shower and putting my laundry in queue, I laid down for a bit on my cot and not only planned the next section’s closure road walk, but also thought long and hard about the dental situation. After talking with Hog and others I was glad I made the decision to get seen, and felt much less anxious once I had the appointment scheduled. Waterboy/Larry, Early Gal’s husband and a fellow volunteer, drove me and Papa Bear to Walmart, and then I had a fun and great dinner at the Mexican place in town with Waterboy, Early Gal, Purple, Carnivore, Hog, and Rei. Quesadilla Fajitas, CA style!



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