Day 31: 5/9/14, Zero Day Dental Emergency!

The culprit tooth has the crown (the large white splosh) on the end!

Miles Hiked: none on the PCT, walked 1.1 mile town road once and biked it twice; was driven all over the place!
Camped at: Hiker Heaven cot

This was the most un-relaxing zero day I’ve ever had. Not that I’m complaining, I’m very grateful I’m someplace I could get my toothache checked out without a major production on my part. Serious kudos to Waterboy, who ended up driving me twice to Valencia to see a dentist and then a specialist (endodontist) waited for me to have a root canal re-done, then took me to a CVS to have meds filled – there is no way I could have done this myself short of renting a car and staying for several days in a town, so a heartfelt THANK YOU!!! Looking back on the day, I’m absolutely amazed all of this happened. Major kudos are also due to Dr Clare Macaulay and Dr James Gim and their staffs, who were so nice to me and got me fixed up right! Expectedly the morning after I’m still in pain, but at least I know the infection is cleaned out and the root canal done properly, and am on an antibiotic, pain killer, and steroid for several days. Just looking at my toothbrush I simultaneously want to brush and floss constantly, while never putting anything in my mouth again (or at least until the pain goes away). Too bad I’m really hungry right now :).

Otherwise Yesterday I also fit in 2 trips into Agua Dulce to eat, and finish resupply shopping both for this section and sending myself a box to Kennedy Meadows. It still surprises me how much time and effort repackaging the food takes. My second trip to town in the afternoon between dentist visits featured me rocking my skirt on a bike, the way back balancing a bag with pizza leftovers and water bottles for T-Rose. I’m not the most coordinated person in the world but I’m happy to report I made it the entire way without falling off and/or giving anyone an unnecessary show (I think). Happily for me, there is no photographic evidence!

All in all, I’m hopeful my mouth will be feeling completely better soon. I plan to hike out this afternoon (Saturday) and do 2 short days to once again give my body a break. Luckily, also once again, trail angels are located 24 miles from here, where I plan to Nero to tomorrow. Fun times! My revised motto: avoid helicopters (aka airlift rescues) and needing medical/dental visits in town! I’d really like this second course of antibiotics to be my last for the PCT ;).

Waterboy & Early Girl, the 2 *fabulous* volunteers at the Saufley’s who helped me out tremendously in the dental emergency!



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