Day 32: 5/10/2014, PCT Mile 465.6


Miles Hiked: 11.1
Camped at: Bouquet Canyon Road water cache with Rei, Mobley, Driftwood, Doc, and Sasquatch

11am: All my chores are done, and I’m twitchily sitting in the Saufley’s swing watching my cinnamon bun stryofoam box blow into the horse enclosure. Oh dear. Chupe came to the rescue and ducked inside to grab it before one of the lovely horses could investigate. It’s hard to sit here when in the shade it’s cool and breezy, and I just want to be out on the trail.

9pm: I managed to sit around the Saufley’s until 2pm and then Waterboy gave me and several others a ride into town so we could eat some last town items and then head out. It helped that I turned off my phone and plugged it in to charge after writing the above section! I actually socialized for a bit, despite how loopy the pain medication was making me. Rei and I also compared notes on the next section and I’m happy that we are planning much the same mileage as I’ve been enjoying getting to know him better. I was so incredibly twitchy this morning it was unreal. Twice said he saw me walk across the yard at least 20 times while he was icing his shin. I think it was because I simply wanted to be on the trail if I was going to hike out today. But, it was hot in the sun, and waiting until after siesta time only made sense to start such a hot exposed section.

I hiked out soon after 3pm when the fabulous bakery closed, after enjoying some iced tea, a chocolate covered strawberry and fries. Oh, plus some ice cream bites. Clearly this latest medical bought of unhappiness has not affected my hiker appetite! I had to road walk to leave Agua Dulce (goodbye, you were good to me!) for 2 miles, then climbed into the hills. The climb was decent, especially in the late afternoon sun, though the breeze would come up regularly. Some gorgeous views and the yucca was so pretty. The 11 miles seemed to go by quickly, all things considered, despite falling in the last mile when I lost concentration for a moment when spotting the road crossing, oy. Once again I’m so glad I made the tall leg gaiters which helped prevent many scratches when I sprawled down quickly on my right side. So graceful….

Rei and I leapfrogged once he caught up to me, and I saw Sarah Faye and Mario set up not far back. Camped here in a canyon is nice as there is a wind advisory, and we’re somewhat sheltered. Rei convinced me to set up my tent instead of cowboy camp – frankly it didn’t take much but we’ll see how it does tonight. Counting down the days until I get my Big Agnes tent sent to me in Tehachapi and I don’t have to fiddle anymore pitching my home for the night.

All day, everyone was so thoughtful and asked me how I was doing – I still had a decent amount of mouth pain this morning and early afternoon it was waning but still there. Hiking starting at 3pm and then dinner? I feel practically back to normal! The endorphins I release when hiking must be pretty powerful, who knew. Probably allowed me to be in denial for longer, but still that’s pretty neat. I still just took some Vit I as preventative and we’ll see if I wake up in pain again, but it should definitely be better than last night when every 2 hours like clockwork I awoke aching. Such a strange thing that less than 24 hours after having a root canal done I’m back on the trail :).

I keep nodding off writing this, so it’s probably time I stop and say goodnight!

Another gorgeous view from the evening hike today:



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