Day 33: 5/11/14, PCT Mile 478.2

Many hikers and gear crammed into Mrs Anderson’s minivan!

Miles Hiked: 12.68
Camped at: Casa De Luna, the Anderson’s trail angel house

A Nero into my second trail angels’ house in 2 days is a treat to be savored. Terry came to pick us up at the ranger station near the PCT road crossing and greeted one and all smelly hikers with a hug as if we were long lost relatives. I immediately felt at ease, and happy I had chosen to come here despite the party house reputation. I spent a good deal of the afternoon laid out on a couch in their front yard, napping and then reading as my hiker cohorts chatted, played cards, sang and generally enjoyed themselves and relaxed. What a great way to spend time off the trail!

Even for a slow day, 12 miles before 12 noon is still a pretty good day. I woke up a little later than usual this morning (read: 5:15am rather than 4:45) and treated myself to a leisurely morning in camp. On the road at 6:50 is much later than normal – maybe the latest start I’ve had! While I prefer soaring tall trees for my Sunday cathedral, the chaparral and manzanita trees, and the cool breeze and warm sunlight were an acceptable alternative :). I wandered over to the Oasis cache for second breakfast, where Happy Feet (amongst the other night hikers who had gone by about 10 last night) had ended up. A root beer at 9am tastes really great when you’ve already been hiking for over 2 hours! A Frankenstein doll and palm tree blow ups gave me an idea what the Anderson’s Casa de Luna might be like, since they stock the cache. I encountered several day hikers, it being the weekend, and apparently my sense of smell has been enhanced again, as the fresh detergent scent from them was overpowering.

When I read that there was a camping area in the Anderson’s back yard, I was picturing an overcrowded space, considering the popularity of the stop, rather than the enchanted manzanita forest I find myself in. So quiet, and peaceful, what an incredible way to sleep before a 20 mile road walk tomorrow around the Powerhouse Fire Closure. Some folks are choosing to hitch down the roads, but I know at least Rei, Teddy Rose and I are planning to walk it. I missed enough of the trail while sick around Big Bear, plus I have so much food I’m lugging that I need to eat! We’ll end at Hiker Town, which I think I’ll need to see in person before I’m able to adequately describe it. Then, the aquaduct walk, and entering the Mojave. Interesting times ahead, that’s for sure.

I love you, Mom, and miss you lots. HUGS!! Happy Mother’s Day :).

Planning the road walk around the Powerhouse Fire closure – Rocket Llama hamming it up!


In the front yard of the Anderson’s:



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