Day 34: 5/12/14, PCT Mile 517.6

Me & Mrs Anderson:

Miles hiked: road walk around the Powerhouse Fire closure, ~20.3 miles
Camped at: Hikertown!

A shower, even one interrupted by low water pressure from a power outage, is such a treat after a long hot day of road walking. Here at Hikertown, a kind-of hostel/trail angel place along the trail right before entering the Mojave desert, is an oasis not only for more water but also a bed (while having questionable cleanliness) and living room, in addition to the aforementioned bathroom with normally running water ;).

This morning at the Anderson’s Terry cooked up large pancakes, which helped to fuel the first 6 miles to Lake Hughes, and a wonderful old restaurant with lots of character for an early lunch. Teddy Rose, Rei, Rocket Llama and I got a ride back to the trailhead by Mrs A with hugs (and pinches!) all around. We were soon joined by Twice, who had camped a few miles from the road and wasn’t planning on going to the Anderson’s. We had lots of fun the first miles chatting and laughing our way down the road. After eating and hanging out at Papa’s Country Store (think gas station) having ice cream before noon and reading the trail register dating back to the 70s when the PCT came through town, we finally left around 12:30. Rei had departed earlier, but the rest of us hiked pretty much together for the rest of the afternoon. We had a fun break in a drainage ditch (great shade and grass!) playing songs on our phones and laughing. Another great long break in the shade of a lovely oak tree after a Mile 500 marker broke up the long and hot afternoon. Descending gradually, it was so awesome to see the Mojave desert floor gradually spread out below us. We arrived at Hikertown, got some rooms and met back up with Rei and others in the hiker lounge to eat dinner and chat. All in all, a fun day with great folks! I can’t say I’m a huge fan of 20+ mile road walks, but having others around surely helped the monotony.

An early start tomorrow to try to beat the heat means I should really go to sleep :).

Register starting in the 70s:


One of our many awesome breaks today:





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