Day 35: 5/13/14, PCT Mile 541.5


Miles hiked: 24
Camped at: Tylerhorse Canyon with Rei, Teddy Rose, Shredder, and others

1:30pm: I hiked 17.4 miles before 12:30 today, which I’m rather stunned by! I entered the Mojave desert with Rei and Teddy Rose as the sun was rising, enjoying the light reflected off the LA Aquaduct. All in all, a relatively easy 17.4 miles considering much of it was on dirt roads and absolutely flat along the aqueduct. Monotony was the big challenge this morning. After my first break for second breakfast, I put on the tunes, possibly the earliest I’ve listened to music on the trail. I soon caught up to T-Rose and we started chatting. We came upon Rei on a break and the 3 of us made short work of the next several miles trading life stories. It’s amazing what we’ll gladly take for shade out here – we huddled against a bridge for our next break, and now I’m literally under a bridge overpass, about to nap. A happy surprise greeted us at the bridge – Steve, Steady’s husband who have me so much trail magic around Big Bear! He gave us treats and drinks, as well as extra water, which was a good thing since the cache here is empty.

9pm: I am coughing fit to be tied from all of the dust, which started last night at Hikertown. Just amazing how dry it is here. Hopefully I won’t cough all night long! This is a beautiful canyon, and so amazing to me that the stream is running after all the heat and dryness in this area. Despite the cooling breeze, the afternoon’s short hike, which I started at 3:45 after a long siesta, was hot and at times enervating. I can’t imagine doing this section when it is much warmer than today, and it really wasn’t all that hot for the Mojave desert. Walking through the wind turbine farms was amazing – I felt so small.

We had a great dinner party (second cooked dinner for me – I had the first at the bridge and the second was possible because I overestimated the amount of food I’d need in this section) and Shedder played his ukulele, which was so peaceful and relaxed. I think Rei said it best – it sounded like the trail. A great way to end another day on the PCT

Selfie with Teddy Rose on the aqueduct road walk:.


Under the bridge for siesta: Topo, Rei, and Shredder:


Wind farms galore:



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