Day 37: 5/15/14, Zero Day in Tehachapi

With wonderful trail angel Kay and Teddy Rose:

Good things about this zero day: getting rides to the PO and grocery store by wonderful trail angels (thanks again Kay!!), seeing hiking friends, throwing out the old worn out shoes, moving to the Best Western, getting most of my chores done. Best of all: getting my old tent in the mail! My palace….my heavy palace, but it is so worth it not to have to fiddle every night and worry about the tent blowing down on me.

Not so good things: developing a sore throat and hoarse voice, still hacking up a lung with a nasty cough which sounds just awful according to Rei and Teddy Rose, stressing about water (or lack thereof) in the next section, and feeling the heat (and it’s not even 90 degrees). Worst of all: realizing I’m a walking medical disaster this year. I kept thinking the cough was just due to the dust aggravating my asthma, or allergies since the tree pollen is moderate here…but I may have to face the fact I actually caught a cold. Good grief, at least I am still “ahead” of schedule, and the horde that started with Kickoff, but it’s depressing watching all the folks I’ve been hiking with move on, or talk about moving on, without me.

Tomorrow: yet another zero day to actually rest, eat lots of fruits and veggies, and hopefully find yet another ride to the PO to mail home the tent I’ve been using. It seems like I’ve been having to take lots of zeros so far, but if this helps me make it to Canada I can’t complain. I’m really not in a rush to get to Kennedy Meadows and the start of the Sierra – apparently there was snow still falling around Yosemite this week, and temps forecast at Forrester Pass in the lower 30s, for highs, next week. That’s a bit extreme for the gear I have with me. Regardless, it should be cooler here on Saturday, still hoping I can hike out then.

The old shoes and insoles – what you can’t see well is that the inner lining was almost all torn up and/or missing. The new ones glow neon orange in comparison!



5 thoughts on “Day 37: 5/15/14, Zero Day in Tehachapi

    • Happily, the only blister I’ve had is on one of my pinky toes, my last 2 toes rub together, and I wasn’t careful one morning when putting on my toe socks to make sure pinky was in place – very short and stubby. I would recommend the lightest shoes possible for desert conditions, but fit is everything IMO. I also think my lack of blisters is helped by my foot care routine: I put lotion on my feet every night to keep them from cracking (so so dry out here), and TrailToes cream (anti-friction) in the morning. I try to rinse my socks out every day water permitting, I rotate 2 pairs and have a third for sleeping. Taking off my shoes at breaks and dumping sand out is also a very good thing! Gotta give the feet as much love as possible out here :).


      • Hi and good morning, eve or afternoon depending when you read this. I think it is Sheriff Woody that shared a few pics of his big toe…Och and ugly! That reminds me of a children’s book called the Big Toe.. I used to work in a library. I have read that some wear sandals and so last night I was reading up on them, not that I am going off to hike miles but we still have it in us broaden our horizons a bit. I am 63 and hubby will be 61. I may have told you already that my son hiked the pct in 1998. One of the reasons for my interest. I chuckle to myself when I read about devouring food… I am not one that could ever eat what I want.. So I am amused. May I have your permission to share your blog at mine as I have something in mind to write about? Pathfinder stay well..water as you already know is all important and keep those tootsie’s healthy! You go girl and may the angels of God keep you safe! Roberta


  1. Pathfinder haven’t heard from you in a while and am hoping you are just busy clicking off the miles!!! I know you were concerned about your cough – hopefully some down time has helped you. Just wanted to let you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers! Be well and also wishing you light feet!!!


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