Day 38: 5/16/14, Sick Zero Day in Tehachapi

One of my sick “tells” is wanting ginger ale and jello. Today, I bought ginger ale but discarded the idea of jello as I don’t like the individual serving size version, and a full bowl would be a bit beyond my hotel room amenities’ abilities. A host of cold care supplies from Kmart (Puffs tissues, cough syrup, etc) allowed me to wallow appropriately!

Upon waking, I felt physically pretty awful with my head cold, sore throat, and nasty hacking cough; it certainly didn’t help that sleeping last night was particularly difficult. Rei was a great sport, but I know I disturbed his sleep. I gave due notice to Happy Feet, who also wanted to stay in town another day and moved to the BW to share the room. After a trip out to the local shipping store to send home the other tent (good riddance!!) and a quick lunch at McDonalds with T-Rose, Happy Feet, and On the Fence, the remainder of the day was actually restful. Naps are wonderful things. As is the hot tub with hiker friends!



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