Day 39: 5/17/14, PCT Mile 566.5

Miles Hiked: 8 – Slackpack between Tehachapi road crossings

The head cold and sore throat lingers, but I’m so glad I hiked a few miles today! At breakfast, I was bummed knowing I really wasn’t well enough to hike out – the sore throat was still really bad, and sleep has been hard to get except in small segments. Teddy Rose, Rocket Llama, and Fence were definitely heading out though Happy Feet decided to stay another day. Another hiker who I just met, 10-K, mentioned that he was going to slack the 8 miles between road crossings and had lined up a ride with a local trail angel for 8am. Immediately my mood turned around and I asked if I could join in – no problem! A great test to see how I was feeling while hiking, but not with the full pack. Despite having to drink lots of water and being concerned about the cough and almost wheezing, the 8 miles went by quickly enough. The wind was just wild! Very strong at times, it was continually pushing me around. At Hwy 58, I was concerned about getting a ride, but soon saw another hiker waiting for his GF to arrive. Before she could do so, yet another local trail angel by the name of Kate pulled up and asked if anyone needed a ride! I had a great time chatting with her on the trip back to the hotel. Thanks again Kate!!

After doing a gratuitous load of laundry washing everything again, another relaxing afternoon commenced. Happy Feet and I met up with Glimmer to have dinner at the Mexican restaurant where we were joined by Early Bee. Much of the discussion tonight has been centered around the recent PCTA report about snow at Forrester pass in the Sierra. I definitely don’t want to get there too early – with my gear I’d really prefer not to encounter much snow, and especially want to avoid postholing. What to do, what to do….

Wonderful Trail angel Kate:

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