Day 40: 5/18/14, Zero Day in Tehachapi

I am really ready to be done with this cold! I hacked up a truly nasty bit of congestion and what looked like sand – gross. Better out than in, I suppose.

I awoke to a great offer by Glimmer – she had not only researched how to leave Kennedy Meadows (if we’re too early for the snow) on weekdays, but had decided to stay another night. She had reward points she was using at the Marriott here in town, and invited Happy Feet and I to join her! Easy decision considering both my health and the potential snow situation. After moving to the ritzy Marriott, I ran into Steady and Steve at Burger King! It was great to catch up with them over lunch – you may remember that Steve is trail angeling while Steady hikes, and they helped me out a lot when I was sick in Big Bear.

A truly restful zero day all in all – we watched movies in the room, I napped on the pull out couch (surprisingly comfy), and had dinner – lazily enough for me, at BK again, which is right next door. Back to hiking tomorrow with a full pack, even heavier than normal with food for 7+ days and lots of water.


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