Day 41: 5/19/14, PCT Mile 583.3

Miles hiked: 16.8, into Section F!
Camped at: Golden Oaks Spring, with Happy Feet and others

Today was a mentally challenging day that ended well. My coughing was really rough the first 5 miles, as I climbed out of Tehachapi. I was having to go very very slow in order not to start wheezing. I even contemplated returning to town, but I’m glad I didn’t. I truly think I’m on the upswing now, no sore throat at all, and despite taking much longer than I liked to, I still made it nearly 17 miles by 7pm. I was pretty emotional today too, typical as I just started my period (sorry guys!). I was teary (both sad and happy) over the silliest of things – the wind blowing hard, thinking about sleeping in my Big Agnes tent again tonight and the fact that the last time I slept in it was at Katadhin Stream campground the night before I finished the AT, the list goes on and on.

Now I’m curled up in my tent, my home, marveling at the space and SO HAPPY I didn’t have to fiddle when setting it up getting into camp on the later side. Ahhh, good decision made. Really enjoying having the thermarest xlite again, too. Now, if only I could breathe out of my nose, I’d be perfectly comfy!

My get-up to avoid so much sand going into my lungs:



2 thoughts on “Day 41: 5/19/14, PCT Mile 583.3

  1. How do you handle a period on the trail? I’m so glad you are still hiking toward Canada. Wow! What challenges you’ve faced. (Hemlock’s grannie)


    • My period on the trail is actually pretty easy to handle. I find that after the first month my body likes being active all the time and my periods are shorter and lighter than normal with almost no cramps, thank heavens! I simply pack out the used tampons (wrapped in a small piece of foil then in a ziplock with the rest of my bathroom trash)and I’ve never had a problem with odor. Frankly dealing with my seasonal allergies and the recent head cold have been grosser – I hate handling a snotty bandana! When I’m sick snot rockets a(essentially blowing your nose on the side of the trail and not using a tissue or hanky)alone isn’t doable.


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