Day 44: 5/22/14, Sick Zero Day in Lake Isabella

The Isabella Motel is definitely the local hiker hang out spot! Teddy Rose and I were delighted to see Twice coming down the road towards the motel as we were heading off to get some breakfast – as seems typical on the trail, I keep running into folks I thought were light years ahead of me. Later we had lunch at a local dive bar and ran into Sarah Faye and Mario, and we had a great group sitting around the parking lot (which seems so odd to type out!) eating dinner and visiting before hiker midnight. Needless to say, my day was defined mostly by eating. And doing laundry and talking with folks. But mostly eating lots and lots of food ;).

Twice, French Toast, Alpine Start, (hard to see on the right: Mario, Sarah Faye, V-line, Gotta Walk, Teddy Rose) enjoying the cool evening:


A major topic of discussion continues to be the weather in the Sierras. The current storm system is making it’s last hurrah today, and we all thought it was a great day to be in town and not hiking. Teddy Rose and Twice pointing towards Walker Pass and the storm clouds hovering ominously:

20140523-134235-49355146.jpg June 6th this year is the “you should be able to hike into the Sierras without a truly ridiculous amount of snow” date, and my original schedule (rarely consulted if only for laughs) had me arriving in Kennedy Meadows on May 30th. Except for feeling quite lonely as hiking friends march onwards, I’m becoming more and more convinced that being ill right now may be a blessing in disguise.


3 thoughts on “Day 44: 5/22/14, Sick Zero Day in Lake Isabella

  1. I am tempted to come up there, get you, bring you back home and nurse you back to health! Say hi to 10K and Devil Fish for me if you see em. -Kate


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