Day 45: 5/23/14, 2nd Sick Zero Day in Lake Isabella

So hard to say goodbye to Teddy Rose this morning as she and others headed back out to the trail. After a better night’s sleep than I’ve gotten in a week, I was somewhat disheartened to not feel miraculously better. Folks kept telling me I sounded better, though! The wheezing is much better, thank heavens, but not anywhere near gone. So, a second zero day for me, I want to feel sassy again, plus give the nasty congestion some more time to work it’s way out. Tomorrow is probably another zero, too. I hope I don’t get too antsy.

I spent a good portion of the morning people watching at McDonalds, and chatting with fellow hikers. Since then, I’ve been back at the motel room, catching up on the blog, posting pictures, etc, and worrying about my clothing choices for the upcoming High Sierra after hearing from Hemlock‘s decision to return to Kennedy Meadows yesterday.

I feel like I’m turning into a professional worrier, or perhaps it’s my type-A personality need to control things. How to get back to the trail from where I left off….before looking closely at the map, I figured I would get back on the trail at Kelso Valley Rd trailhead, considering Landers Camp is off of a dirt forest service road that while in good condition definitely needed a high clearance vehicle with 4 wheel drive. I had resigned myself to missing the 6+ miles of trail. However, looking closer at Kelso Valley Road has me shaking my head – though paved up to the PCT, it really isn’t a “through” road with traffic, so hitching a ride is probably slim. Plus, it looks way back there – I might be able to get a taxi to take me, but I’m thinking it may be cost prohibitive since I don’t have any other hikers to share. Guess I’ll need to call to know for sure. Call made – definitely a no go! Well, the trail does provide, I’ll have to wait and see if I can get a ride, maybe from a trail angel at Walker Pass.

Thanks to everyone who had commented or sent me a “get well” message here, on FB, by text, etc. I truly appreciate them!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful father today – I love you, Dad!

Some of the wonderful flower gardens at the Isabella Motel:



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