Days 46-47: 5/24-5/25/14, Sick Zeros in Lake Isabella

Where are all the hikers? Umm, out hiking on these gorgeous days. Unfortunately for me and my sickly loneliness, not in town. I really wonder how Glimmer, Happy Feet, and Jordi are doing – I hope they make it to Kennedy Meadows as we planned. It seems a long time since I saw them on Weds afternoon – strange to think they hiked on without me. I feel caught out of time, that the world continues on around me, but I’m not doing what I’m “supposed” to be.

As my breathing and congestion continue to slowly improve, on one hand I know it’s best for me to stay in town and continue to get better, but it would be so much easier mentally for me to do this if other hikers were here. I’ve had to come to grips with the fact that I’ll need to meet a whole new group as I’m now days, even a week behind the folks I was hiking around. Not easy for an introvert to do, but perhaps this is another lesson the PCT has for me to learn. Ok, enough of this existentialist angst!

I do love to people watch, and this holiday weekend in Lake Isabella has given me an unprecedented opportunity to do so. Right now it’s Sunday morning and I’m sitting in the local McDonalds, with Spanish and English floating around constantly, looking at all the families and groups on their first summer vacations. Most seem happy and relaxed, but it’s almost shocking how stressed and unhappy some others look.

Hard to be away from home on a holiday when I know the family is gathering to celebrate birthdays and the holiday weekend. Not only the promise of home cooked food, all the family favorites, but seeing and sharing with loved ones. On the other hand, I’m finally feeling well enough to be yearning to be back out in the woods and wilderness. Tomorrow will come soon enough :).


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