Day 50: 5/28/14, Wellness Zero Day 1

I have a resolution to think more positively, and have termed this next phase of my hike the “Wellness Phase”.

I awoke very leisurely this morning at Walker Pass Campground, anticipating the promised pancakes by Yogi and the rest of the trail magic team. They had fresh strawberries and banana slices in them! Still feeling very bummed about my current respiratory health, I had a great conversation after breakfast with Angelica, whose blisters, which started over 250 miles ago, on both feet make everyone cringe. She’s also been dealing with the mental challenges of doing a small section, needing to stop a while to heal, rinse and repeat. It was very good for me to be reminded that I am not the only one struggling. I also had a wonderful conversation with Stone Dancer, who drove Strawberry and I into Lake Isabella.

She was extremely helpful in talking me through actual options for jumping ahead if I choose to go that route. She even gave me an old map of CA, so I could see the big picture better. Thank you Stone Dancer!! You really helped me get my mind back where it needs and wants to be.

Lonny and Shelly at the Isabella Motel welcomed me back, and were amazingly wonderfully sweet by not charging me for the night since I had been here 5 nights before. Lonny wouldn’t even let me pay for the load of laundry! Such wonderful people, I hope all PCT hikers give them your business if you come into Lake Isabella.


It looks like I may be able to help out doing some trail magic for a while while I seek wellness and so right now the plan is to wait until mid June (yikes that sounds far away!) to heal the lungs and enter the Sierra healthy. I am grateful once again that I started early so I don’t have to worry overmuch about time to get to Canada, at least not that much! Now I just need to not going stir crazy while I’m waiting. Hmm, I may need to buy some books.


3 thoughts on “Day 50: 5/28/14, Wellness Zero Day 1

  1. Renee you have had one he’ll of a time but I think you are doing the right thing in getting healthy. I think you are listening to your body’s message!!! Sending you healing energy and good thoughts for your return to health. Keep the positive thoughts going. I’m pulling for you!!! (((Renee)))


  2. Pathfinder…I am following your journey and am cheering for you. Take care of you first…then the hike. The mountains never go anywhere. Heads up…. Trooper, M80 and their dog Willow (thru friends from last year on the AT) are behind you. They too have had some challenges at first. They would be fabulous company to continue on with. BTW they have been doing quite a bit of night hiking to stay cool. oxoxoxo Violet B


  3. Good luck wellnessing! If you’re feeling stircrazy you might want to consider picking up miles in NoCal – relatively low elevation, particularly Old Station – Dunsmuir, and I imagine Hat Creek Rim to be considerably more pleasant in early June than late July.


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