Days 51-52: 5/29-5/30/14, Wellness Zero Days 2-3 in Lake Isabella

In the past 2-3 weeks, I’ve spent more time in towns than on the trail. Much more time, sadly enough, for the part of me that is so happy living in the woods. I don’t know if I’ll have enough time to complete the trail this year considering all of this wellness time off, but I’m darned sure gonna try. I’ve had time to catch up on other blogs, Facebook, etc, and I’ve been overwhelming reminded that I’m incredibly fortunate to be able to take the time off to attempt a thru-hike, much less 2 years in a row.

I’ve also had a lot of time on these 2 days to laze around, read, watch TV, and generally act like a slug. It’s been marvelous. I think the antibiotics are making me really tired still, but at least I’m finally starting to feel somewhat perky again!

Today (Friday) I had a special treat in a visit from Teddy Rose and her Mom, on their way to drop T-Rose off at Kennedy Meadows to resume her hike north. Thanks so much for coming to visit me for an hour or so this morning! It was great to see T-Rose again, and I’m so glad she had a few days at home to help heal up her ankle. A large part of me wishes I was hiking out with her, but realistically I’m still coughing/wheezing a bit when doing deep breathing exercises (without my pack on, and at lower elevation). Ahh, the curveballs the trail throws at you. I’ve had a chance to become more accepting of the fact that my hike may not be going according to my plan, but it is still my hike!

The Writer (who gave me a ride back to the trail on Monday) is picking me up later this afternoon, and hopefully I’ll be able to help her do trail magic the next week or so while I fully recover and get adjusted to altitude at/around KM. I’m really looking forward to this as an opportunity to give back – I’ve gotten so much help from folks, both last year on the AT and this year, that it’ll be awesome to pay it forward :).

On my wellness days in Lake Isabella, I’ve done the rounds of Starbucks/Von’s, BK, McDs, etc – anyplace to sit, peoplewatch, read, talk to locals, etc. My fav reading spot though has to be the patio at the Isabella Motel – the gardens are so lovely!



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