Days 54-57: 6/1-6/4/14, Wellness Days 5-8 in Ridgecrest

Happy June! I’ve been on a true vacation the past few days, thanks to Writer :). We leave the Mojave behind tomorrow (my joy knows no bounds) and shift to Lone Pine/Bishop and the southern Sierra trailheads for day hiking, acclimating to elevation, and trail angeling when we encounter PCT hikers. We should enter the Sierra ourselves next Tuesday as planned at Kennedy Meadows provided all goes well with my lung recovery. I am incredibly happy to report that I feel almost 100% well! I just need to get my poor abused lungs back in shape at elevation and I should be raring to go.

Besides reading, relaxing, driving through the desert, and giving cold drinks to truly appreciative hikers, some highlights of the last few days include: seeing Glimmer and Happy Feet again! Glimmer had been recuperating herself from a cold at her sister’s place near LA, and as she made her way fearlessly back to the trail we picked her up for a night in town and dropped her off at Kennedy Meadows the next day. After cackling about the fact we have the same clown shoes now, we had a long hug goodbye – hike on chica! I am so happy I got to see her again. Happy Feet was at KM still and it was such a hoot to surprise him too! You just never know when you’ll run into someone you thought your said goodbye to forever on the trail :).

Besides saying hi to countless hikers including many I’d met at Walker Pass as they came through, I met another hiker named…. Pathfinder! He is from SoCal and has hiked all around here, including many sections of the PCT. He earned our name by finding a rare old trail near to here that other hikers had been searching for, for over 10 years – wow. It was great to chat with him on the great porch at the Kennedy Meadows store. He had been waiting around to meet me since everyone I knew went thru and told him about me!

On vacation in the hot tub at the Ridgecrest Best Western:


Writer, Glimmer, Peg, & Rod – you never know who you’ll run into again along the trail! Or in town ;).


The 2 Pathfinders!


The clown shoes are taking over.



2 thoughts on “Days 54-57: 6/1-6/4/14, Wellness Days 5-8 in Ridgecrest

  1. So glad that you are healing!! Sometimes we just have to listen to our bodies, whether we want to or not! And if you had not taken these healing days you might not have met the other Pathfinder!! I have a new found respect for you folks who thru hike since we climbed Mt. LeConte in the Smokies over the w/e. I hiked 5 1/2 miles and thought I was going to die!! I cannot even imagine what you did doing the AT. You are an amazing woman!!! Thanks for all the great stories from the trail and take it easy.Sending healing and positive energy to you!


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