Day 58: 6/5/14, Wellness Day 9 ~ in the Sierra!

Camped at: Horseshoe Meadows Campground at 9920 feet

Ahhhh, a zero day in the woods. I never really thought I would take one, as I like my zero days to be steeped in creature comforts which typically equates to a trail town. Yet another treat this Wellness Phase has granted me!

You could also call today car camping, without the car ;). Writer dropped me off here at Horseshoe Meadow Walk In Campground a little before noon, and I’ve spent the afternoon happily doing my deep breathing exercises, reading, and above all enjoying the pine tree scent, cool breeze, warm sun, cloudless sky, and the huge gray mountains in the near distance. Such a wonderful change from the Mojave. My lungs have this to say: “Almost 10000 feet? Nothin’ to it!” I’m utterly relieved, though the better test(s) is still to come – starting tomorrow with a day hike gaining more elevation with a partial pack on. All in all, a great start to my plan of whipping my lungs into shape before next Tuesday and the start of my High Sierra/CentralCal hike. Have I said recently how relieved I am to be done with SoCal?!

Wow, the birds around here are LOUD. What a gift to laze away an afternoon in the woods, noticing so many details that my thru-hiker self would be racing by.

Writer and I had a great conversation the other day about the mundane quality of many conversations amongst hikers out here. Last year I thought I was going to do much profound thinking as I walked. Umm, not so much. Some, but not what I was envisioning before starting the AT! Likewise, literally my only worry today is my tent zipper. My trusty BA tent, don’t fail me now :(. I now recall it was catching a bit last autumn in Maine – I sure hope some zipper cleaner (fingers crossed the outdoors shop in either Bishop or Lone Pine has something) fixes my palace right up. Kicking myself for forgetting about that maintenance last fall when I cleaned and re-waterproofed her. Otherwise, while an awesome excuse to order the new model, a whopping 1 lb lighter than my 2011 version, I really wanted to brag how long she lasted. Ode to failed gear…..

One of the best parts about today – first glimpse of Mt Whitney from Lone Pine, outlined against the stark blue sky. Amazing. Yep, I’m really going to try to climb that beast :).

At Horseshoe Meadow – quite different scenery than I’m used to!

My home for a few nights:



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