Day 60: 6/7/14, Happy National Trails Day!

New Injinji socks! An ursack! (For the uninitiated, a sturdy supposedly bear proof food bag for the first few days in the Sierras until a bear can is required). Ahh, a trip to an outfitter, amazing how exciting it can be for a long distance hiker – new shiny gear!The new socks are a revelation – so soft and cushy. Kind of sad to realize once again that washing can only get out so much accumulated grime.

I woke up leisurely again, spending lots of great time with Blue Butterfly before getting picked up by Writer and heading into Bishop where my box from home made it this morning – talk about perfect timing. My super hunger – perhaps just the normal hiker appetite returning since I’ve been off antibiotics for a week now?! – made me do a thorough review of the food I’m carrying in the next few sections after scarfing down a second breakfast at McDonalds on the way to Bishop. Since we’ve had the time to plan, Writer and I are doing 2 food caches – one at Horseshoe Meadow where we’ll pick up the bear cans, and the next in Independence out of Kearsarge Pass. I think I have enough food, if only because I’m literally planning 12-15 mile days until I’m certain my lungs can handle the high elevation and any snow still out there.

Hitting up the “not-to-miss” locations in Bishop, we had a great lunch spot at Shlat’s Bakery, where a super nice couple from Orange County shared their outside shaded table with us. A tour of the outfitters in town followed, and an interesting time doing laundry at the Comfort Inn. I ended up going to dinner at Jack’s diner in my damp Patagonia capilene shirt, damp undies, and my rain skirt since the dryer was scorching another guest’s clothes on high heat for over an hour. Yowza!

I do find it somewhat sad that on National Trail Days I didn’t hike at all – last year I was on my first vacation from the AT so didn’t then either. Oh well, there is always next year :).

A wonderful bakery not to be missed!



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