Day 61: 6/8/14, Last Wellness Day!

I can add an odd bee-fly insect to my “groupie” list – the insects, most notably mosquitos, who adore me. I had 3 swooping around me constantly here at Kennedy Meadows Campground to the point I dove into my tent for refuge, abandoning Writer who I was helping to set up her new tent. It is definitely summer in the desert – so much warmer at 6000 feet than I was at nearly 10000 feet night before last. The temp was 104 this afternoon as Subie, the wonderful road chariot of Writer’s, drove us out of Lone Pine down 395 towards the road heading up to KM. Happily it was nearly 20 degrees cooler in the mountains, but the Snickers Ice Cream bar and orange soda I bought at the KM General Store sure hit the spot!

This morning saw Writer and I making an efficient trip out of Bishop (grocery, Kmart, and outfitters for last minute items), then dropping off food caches in Independence and at Horseshoe Meadow, where the great folks at the pack station let us leave our bear cans in the office despite the fact we’ll arrive on our 2 legs instead of riding a horse. We gave a ride to a PCT hiker who is suffering from altitude sickness down to Lone Pine, and I really enjoyed her stories. She hiked the AT in 2007-2008 and it was great to chat with someone else who misses green trees and shade. Onwards to KM, we decided to come to the campground for some quiet time before hiking out sometime tomorrow once we get Subie’s parking home for the next few weeks figured out. We may simply hike back here to the KM campground in the late afternoon to still get a few miles in. Very apropos that I’ll resume my hike 2 months to the day after I started.

Sometimes you just can’t escape front-country bureaucracy. Last year I was audited by the IRS while on the AT. The PCT’s tax problem cropped up today – my local city lost my tax return. Oy. I would like to point out that I never had a tax system issue before last year! Clearly if I do another long distance trail my state taxes will have some issue. A small price to pay!

Subie in front of Mt Whitney in the distance in Lone Pine:



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