Day 62: 6/9/14, PCT Mile 704.7

Miles Hiked: Nero out of Kennedy Meadows, 2.5 PCT miles + 0.5 road walk
Camped at: Kennedy Meadows Campground

1 month ago on this date I had my root canal redone. Today – hands down, a better 9th of the month! 2 months ago on this date I stood on the US-Mexico border eagerly anticipating my PCT adventure. And what an adventure it’s been! Happy trail-versary indeed with the beginning of CentralCal and the High Sierra :).

MuhHahahah…..this is me laughing in my tent at the mosquitos buzzing about futilely. Granted, I already have a few bites as proof of Summer in the Sierra indeed! I’m hoping, perhaps futilely myself, that they aren’t out yet in the higher elevations. The “hatch”es are scaring me more than the potential snow traverses at this point!

This morning Writer and I went into Ridgecrest while waiting for the person who she’s leaving Subie with during her section through the Sierra. We both felt we’d be less antsy in town while still being ahead of our original plan to hike out tomorrow. This was particularly helpful since it gave me a chance to contact Big Agnes about my tent zipper that has been splitting – unfortunately it kept happening even after I cleaned and put some special zipper product on it (though the working zipper side is much smoother!). BA promptly offered to send me a loaner tent in Mammoth Lakes while I send mine in for repairs – thanks BA, great customer service! Is it wrong to hope the zipper isn’t worth replacing so I can justify buying the newest, and much lighter, model??

It felt great to get back on the trail feeling well and strong, and in the company of a great lady in Writer. I was giddy realizing our paces seem similar so far! Such a nice change to hike with someone rather than around them, which has been hard to find on the PCT this far :).

Back on the trail:



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