Day 69: 6/16/14, PCT Mile 774.7

Miles hiked: 8.7
Camped at: Tyndall Creek with Dust Bunny and many many others!

Ahhh, a leisurely morning “sleeping in” until 6am, breakfast chatting with Dust Bunny, followed by a take off time of 8am, many breaks and in camp by 1pm? I’m living the dream! Actually, it’s a Nero in the woods ;), with the intent to set up the climb up Forester Pass tomorrow morning – don’t want to get up and over too late as any remaining snow might be too soft. There’s nothing I dread more than postholing for hours in softened snow.

I passed by a gorgeous glacier pond with no name on the map, ringed by tall mountains, at the high point of today’s climb; too bad it was too windy and chilly to linger longer. Multiple streams had me realizing I am actually out of the desert and don’t need to carry as much water all the time, a hard habit to break. The early arrival time allowed for napping, laundry (really just rinsing salt out of clothing in ziplocks but everything counts!) and chatting more with Dust Bunny, who is a wonderful gap, I’m so glad I’ve gotten the opportunity to get to know her a bit.

Only down spot about today – my cough is definitely not improving, I have some more congestion again. Fingers crossed it doesn’t get worse, it’s not in my lungs again, thank heavens.


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