Day 72: 6/19/14, Zero Day in Bishop

New gear delights! The ridiculous length of my new heavy duty Iphone power cord compared to my new battery pack’s extremely short cord is vastly amusing. A study in contrasts indeed! The new pair of Injinji toe socks (pair #2 just got holes) are so soft and comfortable, I probably stroked my feet for 5 minutes after putting them on after my shower this evening :). Finally, a pair of new tips for my trekking poles has me all set up for the next section of the Sierra. I have to thank the gentlemen at both Radio Shack and Wilson’s Eastside Sports for going above and beyond the call of duty to get me exactly what I needed and relieving much anxiety.

Today started off pretty mellow with a breakfast at Jack’s restaurant with Dust Bunny, Pockets, and Tink. After doing much needed laundry, I proceeded on my shopping errands in between moving my things into an actual room at the hostel and calling home. The Bishop Dial-a-Ride came to the rescue to get me back from Radio Shack, which certainly wasn’t a mere half mile from Kmart (already a mile from the hostel) no matter what the nice check out clerk thought. Considering I like to actually rest on zero days, an extra 2.5 mile walk in 90 degree heat wasn’t on my list of things to do. Best $3 I spent all day!

Cramming both fruits, veggies, and assorted tone food such as ice cream down my throat pretty much rounded out my day. All in all, a nice day off the trail!



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