Day 74: 6/21/14, PCT Mile 801.5

Miles hiked: 11.5
Camped at: White Fork Camp with Mad Hatter

800 milemarker & Glen Pass conquered – though it took some time to do the latter! The descent of Glen was trickier than the ascent with some snow traverses that made me glad I had my microspikes – mostly because of the angle and slick surface, it wasn’t that icy even before 9am. This pass was definitely steep though – I saw the remnants of an old glissade path that looked like it went straight down (and over boulders) – yikes! By the time I wandered down into the Rae Lakes region, I was starving, Glen definitely took more effort than usual. The lakes were gorgeous, though I had to break out my head bug net for the first time. Hello mosquitos, I haven’t missed you but it is summer now – today’s the solstice! I saw only one couple practicing the “hike naked day” tradition, and they had sarongs discreetly wrapped around themselves when encountering others. Modesty aside, I didn’t partake – my pack is uncomfortable enough with all this food weight without rubbing against sensitive skin directly!

Today did not begin auspiciously. I chose a sloping area for my “morning constitutional” and I managed to fall backwards. My first thought wasn’t “yikes wasn’t there rocks all over the place?!” but rather “oh no, I didn’t fall in my own poop did I?!” Happily I neither landed on rocks nor got myself unfortunately dirty ;). Lesson learned – location is key.

Animal spot today – my first PCT bear! I was standing still and quiet (though impatiently checking an app to see if I was close to the suspension bridge as it had been forever) and out of the corner of my eye saw a brown bear sauntering through the woods to my left. As soon as I moved the bear bolted away. Someday I’ll get a picture, bears are just so darn fast!

The camping area at the suspension bridge was so nice with a gorgeous rushing creek, and I was tired, and cranky with PMS, that I didn’t want to leave. I lingered for well over an hour and was even calculating how the miles would be affected tomorrow with needing to climb Pinchot Pass, when a larger group showed up. Well, decision made. Not that I mind weekenders, I actually really enjoy talking with them, but they definitely don’t have the same priorities in mind- namely hiker midnight. So, I ended up making my minimum mileage goal for today after all, and am camped for the 5th consecutive night in the Sierra by a rushing stream, so lovely. I’m camped under 10000 feet and it’s noticeably warmer.

This suspension bridge was crazy – very very wobbly!







One thought on “Day 74: 6/21/14, PCT Mile 801.5

  1. I’m sorry – this post made me literally laugh out loud!! All I can think of is your bike meets horse incident in the Metroparks!!

    I am LOVING the pictures of this lake!!!


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