Day 81: 6/28/14, PCT Mile 903.9

Miles hiked: 21.2 over Silver Pass and past the 900 mile marker
Camped at: ~3 miles prior to Reds Meadow with a southbound JMT hiker

Having internet access in my tent as I did last night for the first time in 8 days (this is one of the first times I’m writing this entry the day after the fact) clearly interrupts my simple camp routine which order sometimes changes up but the items rarely do: choose campsite, set up, get water, cook dinner, “wash” and change into night clothes, send Delorme msg to Mom & Dad, get cozy in sleeping bag and write journal entry, look through pics and delete duds, & read and/or listen to music as fall asleep. No journal entry was written, little dinner was eaten (I had eaten dinner at lunchtime so it was cold – not that appealing even to a hungry hiker), and lots of Facebook and emailing was done. Oy, what a sudden mix of the modern world and my simple wilderness one!

Ahhh, my first >20 mile day since my Wellness Period, and over decent elevation change and at elevation – the climb up the rest of Silver Pass was actually easier than the subsequent climb also up to over 10000 feet which wasn’t even named! Lots of ups and down on this day, but I was feeling great as I got into camp at 6:30. Pleasantly weary, but not exhausted. Yea for trail legs coming back! I swear I haven’t felt this good physically since Idyllwild before the first round of antibiotics. I still have a lingering cough, but I truly think that is just my asthmatic lungs not being happy with the continual dust on the trail. No worsening of congestion, thank heaven.

The ridge walk at the end of the day unexpectedly included some spectacular views! Purple Lake at lunchtime was also lovely, and was notable for the fact that for the first time in ages there were day hikers about – clearly reaching the end of the 200 mile stretch without crossing a road.






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