Day 82: 6/29/14, PCT Mile 906.7

Miles hiked: 3 miles – Nero into Reds Meadow
Camped at: n/a, at Motel 6 in Mammoth Lakes with Firestarter and Cat Burgler

I was so hungry for town food this morning that I didn’t even eat any of my remaining backpacking food when I got up – I figured I could easily walk downhill for 3 miles on an empty stomach. I knew there was a small restaurant at Reds Meadow, and I was aiming to get there before the first bus to Mammoth Lakes arrived. Mission accomplished, I think the server was shocked I are my breakfast of pancakes, eggs, and sausage in 8 minutes flat. The sad fact is I had to go to the bathroom but didn’t even care until I had eaten. Sorry body!

I rode the series of buses/trolleys into Mammoth Lakes with a thru hiking couple, which was nice as it was quite a process. We were all shocked that a full size city bus arrived up in the woods! Even more crazy was it maneuvering down the curvy mountain roads. It was a much longer trip than I had pictured ahead of time, but it was quite relaxing as all the tourists got off before we went very far. The second bus from the “Adventure Center” aka the sky resort area, arrived and discharged about 100 tourists all doing a mountain bike trip. I wish I had gotten a picture, but I did get one of a nearby statue during our wait:

We all commented that none of us had seen so many people in one place since staring the trail – certainly a huge contrast to the Sierra, even with the JMT traffic. The third bus to get to the motel was the local trolley on which I got a great surprise – Tink! She’s getting back on the trail today, and planning low days, so I may catch up with her by Yosemite.

The afternoon was spent doing typical town chores: outfitter, eating, resupply, laundry, ice cream, eating again, talking with the folks, and eating again. Tomorrow the PO will be open and I’m hoping both my loaner tent and my box from Mom with the new shoes and summer hiking shirt are there. None too soon on any of those items – the tent zipper seemed to be getting worse by the day, the holes in shoes bigger, and my annoyance with the permanently stained and fraying desert shirt even more so.


3 thoughts on “Day 82: 6/29/14, PCT Mile 906.7

  1. Keep it up Pathfinder! I found your site while doing research for the JMT. I was already leaning strongly toward a free-standing tent but your blog helped me finalize my decision. I thought there’d be a small chance I’d see you on the trail during my hike – I started at Whitney Portal on June 23. It looks like we both stayed in hotels in Mammoth the same night – I actually almost went to Motel 6 but wound up staying at Mammoth Mountain Inn. Enjoy the rest of the hike!


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