Day 88: 7/5/14, PCT Mile 956.4

Miles hiked: 13.9
Camped at: McCabe Creek with Firestarter and Cat Burglar

An easy, lovely, short day’s hike. Ahhhhhhhh. Followed by soaking my feet in the creek and washing the accumulated dirt off – ahhh indeed, I’m living the dream! Well, except for the 8+ days worth of food I’m carrying – what was I thinking?? Trying to get to South Lake Tahoe without resupplying – I can already tell that is going to be tough. Oy, the pack was heavy today.

Compared to recent town stops it was much easier to get going out of Tuolumne Meadows this morning. I waited for the grill and store to open at 8am, enjoyed another overpriced breakfast sandwich and packed one out for lunch, and bought some Gatorade at the store while raiding the hiker box for some TP. It was nice and cushy too – not the thin rough stuff, I lucked out! I chatted with String Cheese (another skirt wearing lady, woohoo!) and Mad Hatter, and hit the trail about 9am. Not bad!

The hike into Yosemite’s Glen Aulin High Sierra camp was delightful – rolling hills and many small waterfalls, and then a big waterfall in Tuolumne Falls! I also saw 3 horse pack trains in short succession which astounded me at first but then I realized they must be how the camp is supplied. Glen Aulin is in a beautiful location and I immediately put it on my list of places it would be neat to come again – an easy 6 mile hike in, and a great location as a base camp. I didn’t get to look in the white tent “cabins” but they seemed nice. There is a backpacker’s campsite too, and I wished I had planned a Nero day and camped there. However, 2 zeroes was definitely enough, and it was only noon, so I moved on to a lovely walk through mountain meadows and more rolling hills. I soon caught up with Firestarter and Cat Burglar who had left before me this morning, and we all decided to stop early (as in 4pm early!) at McCabe Creek, which is much larger than any creek back home in Ohio, and has some lovely cascades I can see from my tent. This is the type of campsite that it’s hard to pass by – perfectly idyllic! Hopefully it will be a warmish night for the Sierra, as I couldn’t bear to put the tent fly on. It’s also nice to have a quiet peaceful camp after all the chatty company and staying up late I’ve been doing the past 3 nights in Tuolumne, while still having great company in Firestarter and Cat Burglar.

This afternoon every single hiker who passed me going the other way stopped to comment about my umbrella. Usually I’ll get a strange look, and maybe a comment now and again, but this level of interest is new! Granted, while there was some great forest walking, much of it was exposed and quite hot in the afternoon sun. I showed off how the hands free rigging works several times, even. Ahh, Mr Gimpy 3.0, you are worth the weight in all of this exposed hiking! I’m so happy yet again that I decided not to dump you in Kennedy Meadows, kudos to me for a decision well made :).

Tuolumne Falls:

On the way to Glen Aulin:

Lovely meadow walk:



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