Day 89: 7/6/14, PCT Mile 972.1

Miles hiked: 15.7
Camped at: random stream crossing with Cat Burglar and Firestarter

The day did not begin auspiciously. At 6:30 am I found myself slipping off a wet rock during a stream crossing and dousing my left half in really chilly water! I am happy to report that all of my gear stayed dry, but I would have preferred to test my system at a little later in the day ;). I was fine, no injuries, just damp and annoyed by myself.

The climbs today seemed long and exhausting, though there were a few lovely meadow areas. The descents were likewise rocky, steep, and required much concentration. After Bensen Pass at over 10000 feet, Firestarter and Cat Burgler caught up to me (they get up about 45 mins or so after I do) while I was cat-napping at a stream. We all continued on together which was great for me (actually conversing while hiking!) though we were all feeling whipped by 5:30. We decided to stop 1 mile short of our goal at the first flat spot by water. It was a blessing that it was overcast off and on for most of the day – if it had been hotter it would have been just brutal.

My delusions of grandeur of doing 18+ mile days in this section have been shattered – I’m going to go out with the gals at Ebbets Pass in 5 days for a short resupply after a more realistic goal of 15 mile days. The Sierra still has much difficult hiking!

Actually walking through forest!

Stone climbs and descents are scattered through Yosemite



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