Day 93: 7/10/14, PCT Mile 1035.5

Miles hiked: 17
Camped at: seasonal stream campsite with Firestarter and Cat Burglar

It rained twice today. Twice! Is this a record for CA along the PCT?! I love my umbrella and rain skirt – such a perfect combo. I saw another hiker wrapped up like a burrito in his Tyvek ground cloth trying to take a break to eat while it was raining – just sad. Of course, I was climbing and up high during the thundery parts of the first rain, which lasted a whopping 1 1/2 hours. Well, at least the towering pine trees would have taken the hit, not me, right??

Waking up this morning and not immediately being attacked by mosquitos hovering outside the tent was so very pleasant. Yesterday was such a delight away from the foul things, and I was really happy I didn’t have to Deet Up until my second break. Lots of ups and downs today, some surprisingly steep, and more fantastic scenery especially as I hiked up from Sonora Pass. I believe I passed 10000 feet for the last time – kind of makes me sad though my lungs are happy high elevation is gradually going away. There was a fantastic small waterfall as a water source made for a delightful break during the second thousand foot climb before lunch and the first rain shower. Also a delight today – getting to use a privy at Sonora Pass picnic area! It’s amazing what I miss about the AT – yep, privies are one of them.

I haven’t showered since last Monday morning before leaving Mammoth Lakes. In fact, I haven’t yet showered in the month of July!! This is a record. A truly unfortunate record, one which I never want to repeat again. Everything I own smells disgusting, which was utterly apparent today when I had on my rain gear – gag! I don’t know what I’m looking forward to the most – a shower or town food. Since I’ve been starving today it’s a close call ;).





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