Day 94: 7/11/14, PCT Mile 1050.2

Miles hiked: 14.8 by 1pm(!)
Camped at: n/a, went into Markleeville and then Minden NV for resupply/zero with Firestarter and Cat Burglar

Many many thanks to Danea at the Wolf Creek Restaurant in Markleeville for making sure we (Firestarter, Cat Burglar, and I) had a place to stay tonight, as well as a ride to Minden with Jake who was getting off shift at the restaurant. The locals in Markleeville were SUPER friendly, such a shame for us that a huge bike race is happening this weekend and we couldn’t stay in this cute mountain town. We had to wait less than an hour to get a ride from the Ebbett’s Pass trail head, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought when I first saw the skinny road – much more traffic than I originally thought there would be, but perhaps that was due to the race and extra tourists in the area. For better or worse, the road is closed tomorrow, so a definite zero which I was already ready for, it’s just a question of how difficult it’ll be to get back to Markleeville on Sunday. It’ll all work out!

On trail at 6am, I was so motivated to get to town. I was literally dreaming about a burger and fresh food, along with strange things for resupply, like Valveeta Shells and Cheese. 7 days in this area is a whopper of a trip, I’ve been more or less degrees of hungry for the past 2 days. For example, my stomach demanded more food/fuel first 2 hours after starting hiking (normal), then an hour and a half later (not so normal), then lunch an hour later (much earlier!). Firestarter gave me leftover chili rice to make a second wrap at lunch, which helped incredibly on the last stretch to the trailhead – thanks again Firestarter!! It didn’t feel like I hiked much faster overall than normal, especially on the climbs, but I certainly didn’t linger at breaks – and made it to the road by 1pm which is the quickest in a long time! The hike was lovely too – as typical recently some good climbs and views, mixed with forest and meadows. The big news today was the amazing wildflowers – the scent was amazing! Lunch break was spent on a hillside with flowers which smelled so like a potpourri bowl it was incredible. In vain we hoped some of the scent would rub off on either us or our gear. I hope I never go another 12 days without a shower, I could barely stand myself in my tent last night.

So happy to have some dedicated internet and calling ability for the first time in what seems like weeks, as well as some time to satisfy my appetite. Ahhhhh……a motel bed for 2 nights, what luxury!

Riding into Markleeville in the back of a pickup – the best situation considering our smell!


Lunch amongst the flowers! Yes, Firestarter was eating raw ramen like chips! Did I mention we were really hungry the past few days?!

One of the many views – so incredible in person:



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