Day 95: 7/12/14, Zero Day in Minden NV

Miles hiked: 0
Camped at: Carson Valley Motor Lodge with Firestarter and Cat Burglar

What a strange juxtaposition – 12 days in the woods (Yosemite tourist days included), then to a casino motel….wow. Several years, since my one and only trip to Las Vegas, hasn’t changed my mind about how inherently sad I think it is to see folks first thing in the morning at gambling tables/slot machines who were obviously there all night. I’m glad we’re at the motor inn, so except for going to the casino “diner” for some truly good meals, and the delight of soaking feet and knees in the hot tub, I’m a bit removed from all the flashing lights and sounds. Though it was a hoot amongst all the “civilians” to go out in our rain gear to do truly nasty laundry at the RV park so conveniently located between the motor lodge and the casino.

Today has been a truly relaxing zero day – lots of laying around and not much walking. We lucked out not only with the motel room beds (super soft!) but also with the PO across the street to mail back our infernal bear canisters – woohoo! While the fresh food resupply options were limited at the Shell Gas Station market, I’m holding out hope for the country store back in Markleeville tomorrow. Some great phone calls with family and friends this afternoon were fabulous, and a great refined dinner at the Tahoe Winery Bistro across the street rounded out the day, *happy sigh*.

Back to the trail tomorrow refreshed and the pack 2.93 lbs lighter. Ahhhhhh.

Hot tub leg soak!

Bye-bye bear can!

Refined enjoyment at the winery 🙂

Cat Burglar & Firestarter with their beer cans!

Are we famous?!


Post script: I’m uploading all of my pictures to my Picasa site since Bishop but probably won’t have time to do captions before I hike out tomorrow morning. So, if you love pics and don’t mind not knowing exactly where they were, check them out!


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