Day 99: 7/16/14, PCT Mile 1094.5

Miles hiked: 5.4 (plus an easy 1 mile to the grocery store and a much harder 1 mile back)
Camped at: n/a, staying at Cat Burglar’s friend Sean’s house in South Lake Tahoe

Who knew the hardest part of today physically would be the 1 mile walk back from the grocery store?? The brown paper bags Safeway gave us were falling apart by the end, just ridiculous. All it proved is that I have no arm muscles though my legs are looking great, if I do say so myself!
Firestarter near the end of our grocery journey:


I had a quick 5+ miles to Echo Lake resort this morning, and hiked the last half with Cat Burglar and Firestarter. So odd to be near a road again, and a busy one at that (Hwy 50), and again seeing several day hikers. Echo Lake was neat, I quickly consumed a tuna sandwich and mint chocolate strawberry milkshake, which was better than it sounds! We hung out with other thrus for a while, and then Rock Steady gave us a shuttle into town, being so nice to drop us off directly at Sean’s house!

It was so wonderful to have access to a kitchen in a real home again (not that the hostel kitchens aren’t nice but it’s just not the same). We cooked tacos for dinner, and Sean then took us to an awesome ledge overlook to see the sunset across Lake Tahoe. Just lovely!!



A zero tomorrow to do chores and look more into flipping – here’s hoping I can figure out the bus system in spread out South Lake Tahoe!


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