Day 100: 7/17/14, Zero Day in South Lake Tahoe

Some chores in the morning, relaxing in the afternoon amidst a thunderstorm, and a free lakeside concert in the evening made for a great zero day here in South Lake Tahoe!

Thank heavens there is a bus (limited schedule as it is) here in this spread out city – not incredibly walking friendly. However the Lake of the Sky outfitter, while small, is incredibly hiker friendly – not only a 10% discount this year, but a back room lounge with cookies and banana bread, along with a register and getting my picture taken. After picking up new socks (yea!) and some other little essentials, I spent about half an hour at the McDs next door using the Wifi and enjoying a smoothie before hopping on the bus again to the main PO. Happily both my resupply box and bounce box made it and I quickly enjoyed the personal notes from family, while written weeks ago still made me tear up with missing them!

I hate to admit it, but Sean’s cat actually has made me like cats just a little bit! She is very well behaved (except for wanting to dart out of the house – she’s allowed out with supervision), and even tolerated our resupply items spread all over the living room (her normal domain) without bothering stuff. Well, she wanted to play with my pack, but the dangling buckles and straps must have been irresistible, even I can admit that ;).

Sean suggested a free concert on the beach at the public park, and after quickly ingesting a pizza at the Tahoe Brewery we walked down there and met 2 of Sean’s friends as well. A beautiful evening along the lake – made me miss Lake Erie and walking along the lakeshore with waves rushing up. Rather sad to see how much the lake is lower than normal, but seems typical with the drought CA is experiencing.

Lake Tahoe concert/sunset:


Firestarter capturing escaping kitty:



2 thoughts on “Day 100: 7/17/14, Zero Day in South Lake Tahoe

  1. Hi Pathfinder! I was with my boyfriend & his family when we picked you up with your friends for a ride into Markleeville last weekend. I’ve been enjoying your blog since. Thanks & keep posting! You’re a girl after my own heart. 🙂


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