Day 101: 7/18/14, Zero Day in South Lake Tahoe

The morning was clear, quiet (for town), and cool. Ahhhhh. Despite the fact that I cringed feeling the weight in my shopping basket at Safeway, I finished my food resupply happy with my choices if not doing a 7 day carry yet again. It’s worth it to stay with Firestarter and Cat Burglar on their last section :).

While the world became filled with tourists rapidly as the morning went on, I realized how sensitive to “town” noise I’ve become – the obnoxious riding lawn mower, fan-going-crazy idling car, and countless people all talking or arguing with each other, were irritating to my senses, and I tried to get away from the situations as quickly as possible. Time to return to the woods tomorrow, that’s for sure!

Except for waiting a long time for the bus to go to the PO this afternoon, it was a relaxing day finishing up chores and planning my flip up north. Provided I can arrange a ride from Portland to Cascade Locks (inquires in process), I’m going to hike WA northbound in August, be a tourist for a day or 2 in Vancouver (which I didn’t want to miss!), then return to Portland/Cascade Locks to hike OR and Northern CA southbound. The cost for the 2 legs of travel was about the same as going to Seattle/the border from the US side, so I’ll do a bit more northbound and be able to hike into Canada – I’d hate to let the permit allowing me to enter Canada on foot go to waste after all! A HUGE help in the planning process is that Cat Burglar’s friend who is picking her and Firestarter up in Sierra City is also letting me ride along with them to the Bay Area next weekend, and the many varied transportation options there. I’m excited about the potential for my first inter-city train ride via Amtrak, a new experience.

The little things matter! It was so nice to have my bounce box again for 24 hours. Little did I know in Tehachapi that I would end up almost 3 weeks off the trail and thus not see my bounce box for what seemed like a *really* long time. It was already going to be a long time going several hundred miles, but I remember thinking I didn’t want to deal with it during the small POs in the Sierra. Refilling the Trail Toes cream (sorry feet you haven’t gotten much love in the past week), getting my summer hiking skirt out, and other sundries made me happy.

After a disgustingly large dinner of a cheeseburger, fries, and soft serve ice cream (swirl of course!) the late afternoon storms rolled in and it actually hailed for quite a while, which is apparently amazing for South Lake Tahoe. Now I’m sitting on Sean’s deck, seeing the sky change to amazing colors through the trees as the sun sets, and the resulting glow on the houses and everything surrounding me, enjoying the comforts of home before my last CA section for a while. I know I’m making the right decision for me to flip, but it’s intimidating to do so on my own. Take 3 of – “I just hope I meet cool new folks on the trail!” Undoubtedly ;).
Sunset on Sean’s deck

Cat Burglar stealing some Oreos off of Firestarter!




2 thoughts on “Day 101: 7/18/14, Zero Day in South Lake Tahoe

  1. When are you headed to Cascade Locks? I am section hiking Washington at about 20 miles/day, leaving from Bridge of the Gods on 7/29. I haven’t had 1200 miles of training yet, but it would be fun to overlap for part of the Washington section. Hope to see you on the trail!


    • Hope to see you out there too! I’ll be heading out as soon as I get my WA resupply boxes set up, traveling en route to Cascade Locks now, who knows I might be leaving as soon as Tuesday as well!


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