Day 103: 7/20/14, PCT Mile 1120.6

Miles hiked: 16.8
Camped at: Richardson Lake with Firestarter and Cat Burglar

This is a sad state of affairs. Here I am at an awesome campsite by a beautiful lake, and immediately after putting up my tent I dove into it and here I have been ever since. No, not escaping mosquitos, though they were kind of nasty today. It’s also somewhat hard for me to believe right now, but California really is in a drought. I’ve actually lost count of how many days it’s been since we haven’t had afternoon thunderstorms. Yes, this is the PCT, not the AT. Needless to say, it’s been raining since 3:30 and hasn’t really let up since then. At least the thunder and lightening have moved on. However, not only would I really like to clean my mug and pot after dinner (yes, I cooked in my tent vestibule and ate in my tent, shame on me) and collect water for tomorrow morning without getting soaked in the process, but I *really* have to go to the bathroom, and not just number 1. Good grief.

Forest, humidity, and a few views – you’d think I was on the east coast except for the total lack of any trees except towering pines! Oh, and the elevation – I went above 9000 feet for the last time on the PCT at Dick’s Pass. I enjoyed the hiking today – cloudy and cool made for a nice change in the morning and the trail was nicely graded and pretty easy. Makes me think that I will be able to increase my daily mileage back up to over 20, but the flip is still going to happen as even if I do I’m still going to run out of time. Many weekenders and day hikers still in the vicinity due to the side trails. The only negative encounter were the 3 rude trail runners who nearly mowed us over this morning….do folks not understand that those going uphill have the right of way?? It’s also only courteous to give notice when passing. Ok, rant over!

Post script – 9pm, hiker midnight, and still the rain continues. Incredible. I’m so glad my tent has proven itself well capable of weathering a storm. Or, in this case, several hours of continuous moderate rainfall. Old ways of dealing with the rain have come swiftly back to me – I really hope my method of packing up in the rain tomorrow morning isn’t necessary. I do have to say – the umbrella justified it’s weight yet again!

Before the rain!





2 thoughts on “Day 103: 7/20/14, PCT Mile 1120.6

    • Hmm, I’m not sure if I met them or not – I’m not the best with names (I remember faces SOOOO much better) unless I hike around folks for a while. I really do hike with an umbrella, one of the GoLite reflective ones. I’ve used it almost every day in fact – mostly sun and heat protection in the exposed areas but it’s also been very much handy for the rain I’ve gotten. If you buy one, just be careful not to let it blow inside out in high winds – the plastic spokes have easily broken on me that way, thus the “Mr Gimpy” name.


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