Day 105: 7/22/14, PCT Mile 1155.5

Miles hiked: 17.5
Camped at: Donner Pass with Cat Burglar and Firestarter

Temptation avoided! Cat Burglar and I patted ourselves on the shoulders. With Firestarter (who has more discipline than us!) we made it to the road at Donner Pass at 5pm, and were immediately offered a ride into town. Soooo tempting is town food, but we’ve been carrying enough until Sierra City in a few days. All we needed was water to camp, so the nice day hiker that we had been chatting with the last 0.5 miles down to the trailhead told us to hop in his truck. While the Donner Ski Resort restaurant was unfortunately closed today, we helped ourselves to the hose out front.

While we woke up to lots of condensation on the tents this morning, it was another lovely day with no thunderstorms. This is more like the PCT! Today’s hike was another lovely ridge walk for the most part. Lots of climbing and going past ski lifts. It’s so crazy people ski here during the winter – the boulders are huge but must be buried by snow in the winter. I saw lots of day hikers today, but other than the gals no other backpackers. Donner Pass, where we are camped, is known for the infamous Donner Party who became trapped by a blizzard and turned cannibal. Hopefully I won’t be visited by any ghosts tonight! The wind is whipping but it’s warm here, reminds me of the desert. Ahh, I love my tent!

Another temptation – excellent cell data service! I need to remember hiker midnight, but it’s nice to be able to post blog entries from the last few days and ohhhh….maybe check email. And maybe Facebook! :).

Firestarter filming a hiker outtake

People ski down this?!

Gorgeous ridge walks!





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