Day 106: 7/23/14, PCT Mile 1170.5

Miles hiked: 15.5 (including side trip to I-80 rest area)
Camped at: saddle of last climb of the day with Firestarter and Cat Burglar

Luxury in the woods is wearing a new pair of socks (literally, just bought in South Lake Tahoe) on Day 5 of a section. Ahhhhh the cushiness! Instead of rotating my 2 pairs every other day I tried something new this time. Nice so far! Another luxury is going to a highway rest area 4 miles into the day to get water, use the restroom, wash my hands (multiple
times!) and in general enjoy the picnic area. Only downside – no soda or snack machines, what gives?? Ahh, California is more healthy conscious than Ohio.

Last night at Donner Pass was super windy – reminded me of the ultra windy areas in the SoCal low desert. The wind kept waking me up last night, so I was a little worried I’d be dragging all day today. We did take multiple long breaks to enjoy the day (plus Firestarter was dealing with various aches and pains poor thing) but my energy was good all day especially considering the easier terrain and more moderate elevation gains and losses. The climbs were mostly very well graded, and of short duration. I went through a particularly beautiful wildflower area on the top of one of the climbs, just stunning. Hiker entertainment moment of the day – some of the creeks in this area have signs posted with their names. One of them was “Unconformity Creek”. Is that even a word?? The creek looked normal, so it was interesting to think about how it could be “uncomform”.

So curious – the large bandaid covering my shoulder sore (so it doesn’t keep getting aggravated) is still sticking to me despite it being on for 4 whole days now! Maybe it’ll never come off, but usually bandaids falls off instantly in the backcountry, followed more slowly by other types of tape. Curious, very curious!

Sunrise climbing out of Donner Pass!

Is this a word??

Peter Grubb Hut – an interesting structure indeed along the trail today



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